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Trust with Corporate Trustee

When you need to set up a trust with a corporate trustee, AIS is the best company for the job.

There are only two steps you need to complete:

Step 1: The company that will be the trustee needs to be registered using AIS (if registration hasn’t already been completed).

Step 2: Create the trust with AIS using the details within Step 1 for the corporate trustee.

Setting up your company with AIS is effortless. We take care of the online registration with ASIC and provide you with the documentation you need to register an Australian company and trust.

All AIS documents are easy to understand and are signed off by specialist lawyers.

Ask AIS about our many other available trust options:

Trust with Corporate Trustee

General Information

You can find all the information you need in registering a limited proprietary company through AIS here [ link ].

Public Information for your Discretionary or Family Trust You can find all the information you need in registering a Discretionary or Family Trust here [ link ].

You can find all the information you need in registering a Fixed Unit Trust here [ link ].

You can find all the information you need in registering a Fixed Unit Trust here [ link ].

You can find all the information you need in registering a Hybrid Trust here [ link ].

If you need information on the version of your SMSF deed, click on this [link].

Lost Trust Deed

You don’t need to worry about lost Trust Deed because with AIS and our lawyers at Blundall Madigan Lawyers, you can easily replace it with a new one. Here are the combined and fixed prices:

  • Accomplish the usual AIS deed update process at $99.00—but when the system prompts for the number of clauses in the SMSF which makes it unique, you just type in #.
  • You will need to contact us at 1300 658 934 and we will make the arrangements with Blundall Madigan Lawyers so that you can keep in touch. You have to inform Blundall Madigan Lawyers that your advisers, trustees and the members have made enough efforts to find the lost deed but to no avail.
  • Blundall Madigan Lawyers will then prepare a special Deed of variation and its associated documents using your instructions and the documents that you created with AIS.

Blundall Madigan Lawyers charges $800.00 (plus GST) for the added service of replacing the lost SMSF deed.

SMSF Minutes and Resolutions Package from AIS — When keeping proper records is important

When you need SMSF meeting minutes or circulate Resolutions for the proper administration of funds, you can find AIS offering here[link]. Its so affordable at $66.00 and this included the GST for your funds first Resolution or Minutes. After this, your SMSF will be entitled to unlimited use of the Minutes and Resolution for the entire year.

When you set up your SMSF through AIS, we suggest that you purchase the 12 months unlimited use of the Minutes and Resolution in order to enjoy the 15% discount on the package. This means that you will pay only $56.10 instead of $66.00

Included in the SMSF package are the following:

  • The SMSF trust deed—tailored for your needs like if you want to have an individual or a corporation for trustee
  • Features of the SMSF detailed in the Product Disclosure Statement
  • Consents from the trustees or its directors in the case of a coporation
  • Minutes on how to setup the SMSF and all its strategies
  • Notices including application, beneficiary and TFN notices for all the SMSF members
  • ATO declaration form
  • Establishment kit detailing the steps to take

We provide a checklist of all the requirements to set up and SMSF which you can download here [link]

Get a quality SMSF deed

To ensure that our SMSF deed and its question interface are up to date with current superannuation laws, our lawyers at Blundall Madigan Lawyers check them at regular intervals. We provide monthly updates at our ClearLaw bulletin here[link].

With our One-click update, you can keep your SMSF deed up-to-date and store in electronically with AIS for an affordable rate of $99.00

With the laws on SMSF changing fast in Australia, the AIS document creation and electronic storage is your best chance of keeping you documents up-to-date. The moment your SMSF deeds are created through AIS, we will keep you posted on various legal changes that will require us to amend our master documents and so that you can make the necessary amendments to your deed. Although we can’t give you legal, financial and other advice on whether to update or not, the information we provide can help in making that decision.

If you decide to amend or update your deed, it won’t take that much time to download an updated version of the SMSF deed from AIS at an affordable rate of $99.00.

Our SMSF update system is the very reason why AIS is the largest and most respected specialist when it comes to Self Managed Superannuation Fund providers. You can find more information on our “Preferred supplier” credentials here[link].

The information provided here on Trusts with Corporate Trustee should be taken as general in nature and does not constitute as legal advice. You should seek further independent advice regarding the legal, financial and accounting details unique to your company.