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Fixed Unit Trust

Creating a Fixed Unit Trust is easy with AIS.

Our specialist team is on hand to quickly help you set up your Trust requirements. Please complete either the printable or online order form to get your order started.

All AIS deeds and documents are written in easy to understand language and signed off by our specialist lawyers.

Other trusts available at AIS are:

  • Discretionary or Family Trust
  • Bare Trust Hybrid Trust

Fixed Unit Trust

General Information

  • Trustee
  • Directors
  • Beneficiaries
  • Unit Holders
  • Payment options

“A fixed unit trust is, essentially, the same as a fixed trust. The only difference is that the interest in the income and/or capital is represented by units – for example, the trust is set up holding 100 units and there are four beneficiaries who have a fixed entitlement to 25 units each.” –

Fixed Unit Trusts
  • Has only one class of unitholders
  • Unitholders have the same rights to capital and income distributions
Non-Fixed Unit Trusts
  • Gives the ability to create up to five different classes of unitholders with different rights
  • Unitholders cannot claim a tax deduction on borrowing costs
  • Trustees have maximum flexibility in relation to income distribution
If you are unsure as to what type of unit trust is right for you. We can help you seek legal advice from our specialist lawyers. Please contact us on 1300 658 934 to speak to one of our friendly consultants.
The information provided here on the Fixed Unit Trusts should be taken as general in nature and does not constitute as legal advice. You should seek further independent advice regarding the legal, financial and accounting details unique to your company.